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The MOBAR Personal Experience delivered directly to you.

Looking for a more unique & personalized approach outside of your traditional “in shop” assembly line experience? If so, look no further. The MOBAR Mobile Experience was created to bring our “In Shop” personalized experience to the next level. Our newly designed Mobile Barbershop is the ultimate one to one experience brought directly to your front door. Whether in office, at home or at a destination of your choosing, let MOBAR bring our exceptional experience directly to you. 

Our Mobile Barbershop was elegantly designed to be the purest form of our one to one approach. This approach is of the highest quality and follows the upmost safety measures, especially during these current times. Each appointment is individually scheduled with one client in the mobile shop per experience. 

MOBAR Mobile Barbershop
MOBAR Mobile Barbershop
Mobile Experience: About


We have redefined our booking process with our clients in mind. Especially during these times, our main focus is the health, safety & satisfaction our our clients, employees and community. Easily schedule appointments online and through the Squire mobile app.

Mobile Experience: Video
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